Potato peel (Skin) and its many health benefits for everyday life

Potato peel has many qualities. Potatoes are given the first place as the king of vegetables. Potatoes are full of benefits and qualities. There is no end to the nutritional value of potatoes. Just as potatoes contain natural ingredients. Its also have a lot of nutritional value.

Potatoes are used in food every day. Potato is known as a daily cooking companion. Potatoes are eaten in almost everyone’s home. But when the potatoes are cut, the peels are often thrown away. Many people do not know the nutritional value of potato peelings. Potato skin has many benefits. If you know what vitamins and nutrients are in the peel of a potato, don’t throw away the peel. Those who know must have benefited from it.

Let’s see what nutrients are in the potato peel.

Potato peels are rich in potassium and minerals which improve the body’s chemical processes. About 600 grams of potassium obtain from a medium size potato. Potassium stimulates the body’s muscles and nervous system. Regulates the balance of electrolytes and acids in the body. With it lowers the risk of high blood pressure. Which helps to keep the body healthy.

The human body needs 16 mg of niacin every day. Niacin is another name for vitamin B3, which helps in maintaining good health of the body. The role of potato skin in supplying niacin to the body is immense.

The same ingredients are found in the skin of the potato just as it contains protein, vitamins & minerals. So playing with potato peelings provides plenty of protein, vitamins, minerals and carbohydrates. Which makes the body stronger and more resistant to disease.

More important ingredients are find in potato peelings. Iron is a very useful element in the formation of blood in the body. Iron plays an important role in helping to keep blood cells fresh. That iron is found in potato peels. That about 4 mg of iron obtain from 4 to 5 potatoes peels per day.

potato peel

More health benefits in potatoes skin

Those who have very low digestion can increase their digestion quickly by eating potato peelings. Potato peel contains a lot of fiber. Which helps in increasing digestive energy. Potato peel helps to digest weight (heavy) food very easily.

Potato peels are rich in fiber. Which helps diabetics with increased digestive energy. However, in the case of diabetics, potatoes are forbidden. But if boiled with potato peel (skin) and cooked in dry water, then there is not much harm. Different recipes are make with potato peelings. In addition, those whose body is thin and thin. They regularly eat potatoes with peel to make the body strong and healthy.

For those who are exercising regularly for body building. This is one of the foods on the diet. Which helps the body to be strong and increase the beauty of the muscles.


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