Patanjali Shopping Card – Benefits of Swadeshi Samridhi Card

After a long wait, Patanjali Company came up with Patanjali Shopping Card. Yoga guru Ramdev is now moving towards making his company Patanjali completely digital. Patanjali is bringing a special kind of digital card. It has been named ‘Swadeshi Smridhi’ card.

The Patanjali Swadeshi Card was invented for the first time in independent India. This card will further strengthen the Swadeshi movement in India. Besides, Patanjali Swadeshi card will further strengthen the economic plan of the country. The main goal of this card is to save the natives.

Patanjali Shopping Card

The Patanjali Swadeshi Card will play an important role in accelerating India’s economic development and taking the country’s trade with the world. Patanjali Swadeshi Card is able to increase the quality of customers in the country. As a result, customers will get their fair share back. This will start a big commercial revolution in the country.

Patanjali Swadeshi Card is one step ahead in realizing India’s long-held dream of cashless transactions. This card will meet the demand of customers in the country’s commercial. This card has many benefits which will provide many benefits to the customers in case of transaction. Those facilities will be available in every store of Patanjali Swadeshi Kendra in India.

Patanjali Swadeshi Card will be available at major Patanjali stores and shopping centers in the country such as Patanjali Mega Store, Patanjali Hospital and Patanjali Arogya Kendra. Patanjali Shopping card provides full protection to the customers as well as insurance. When this card use as a kind of shopping wallet and this card can easily recharged online. Patanjali can recharge by visiting the official website of Swadeshi Samridhi Card.

Benefits of Patanjali Shopping Card-

5 percent indigenous loyalty amount will given to the members on top-up up to Rs.4000.

6 percent on top-up from 4000 to 5000 and 7 percent indigenous loyalty amount on top-up above.

That is, if you deposit Rs 1000 on your card, then you will get a balance of Rs 1050.

Patanjali’s ‘Swadeshi Samridhi’ card, cashback and 5 lakh insurance benefits Advantages of Swadeshi Card With Swadeshi Samriddhi Card,

You can pay in 5200 stores spread across the country. With shopping in Patanjali stores, you will make online cashless payments in hospitals and health centers.

PoS machines have been arranged in each of the register centers. Swadeshi Samriddhi Card can obtain by any Patanjali consumer. You can avail cashback through this card Swadeshi card is available in just Rs 100.

If you want to obtain this card Please Visit Patanjali Store or Visit official website. The registration fee for Swadeshi Samriddhi Card is Rs 100. Apart from this, to activate the card for the first time, it is mandatory to do a recharge of Rs 500, which you can use for shopping.

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