Pasquale Sciarappa Recipes: An Italian Culinary Journey

If you are a food lover, you might have heard of Pasquale Sciarappa Recipes. The Italian chef known for his authentic and that also great delicious Italian dishes. Pasquale’s passion for cooking started that in his childhood where he learned to cook traditional Italian dishes from his grandmother in his hometown of Orsara, Italy. In this article that we will take that you on a journey to discover Pasquale Sciarappa’s culinary creations and also which explore some of his mouth watering recipes.

pasquale sciarappa recipes

Introduction to Pasquale Sciarappa

Pasquale Sciarappa who is a great renowned Italian chef born and also raised in Orsara, Italy. He moved to the United States in 2003 and who started his career that as a chef in New Jersey. Pasquale’s passion for cooking started that at a young age when he learned that to cook from his grandmother in his hometown. He uses traditional Italian cooking methods and which add ingredients to create his dishes. And his love for his heritage reflects that in every bite of his food.

pasquale sciarappa recipes

The Journey of Pasquale Sciarappa

Pasquale Sciarappa’s culinary journey started which in his grandmother’s kitchen where he learned also to cook great traditional Italian dishes. He moved to the United States in the 2003 and also started his career which as a chef in New Jersey. Pasquale’s cooking style that is a mix of great traditional Italian dishs and with best modern techniques. So which he learned from his culinary experiences in Italy and the United States

Famous Pasquale Sciarappa Recipes

Pasquale Sciarappa who is known for his authentic great Italian dishes that reflect his heritage and also passion for cooking. Here are some of his famous recipes that you should try it at home Kitchen.

1. Homemade Pasta

Pasquale’s homemade pasta recipe that is a best classic great Italian dish that you can make it easy at home kitchen. All you need which is include with flour, eggs and the water to create this mouth watering pasta dish of your meala table. You can serve this pasta with your favorite sauce. And also use it to make lasagna or ravioli. See Video

Homemade Pasta

2. Pizza Margherita

Pasquale’s Pizza Margherita which is a classic Neapolitan pizza is simple, delicious meals and which also easy to make at home. The pizza is topped with like as fresh tomato sauce with mozzarella cheese and also add the fresh basil leaves. You can also add that your favourite toppings to create that your own most tasty version type of this pizza. See Video

Pasquale Pizza Margherita

3. Eggplant Parmigiana

Pasquale Eggplant Parmigiana which is a great delicious Italian dish that is perfect for any Occasion Season. The dish is made with that layers of ingridients which like fried eggplant with tomato sauce and add with the mozzarella cheese. So you can serve this dish with as a side of pasta or also make salad recipe. See Video

Eggplant Parmigiana

4. Tiramisu

Pasquale Tiramisu recipe which is a classic best Italian dessert that is easy way to make at your home. The dessert is made with best layers of espresso soaked ladyfingers with mascarpone cheese and it also add the cocoa powder. You can also add it your favorite liqueur to easily create your own styles version of this dessert. See Video

Tiramisu Recipe

Pasquale Sciarappa Cookbook

Pasquale Sciarappa is a renowned Italian & American chef, author. His YouTube personality which known for his delicious Italian recipes that he shares through his various platforms. His passion for cooking and also his innate talent have led him that to become a celebrated figure in the culinary world with a loyal fan following.

Here we will take a closer look at Pasquale Sciarappa and his great cookbook with exploring that his journey, his unique recipes tips and also his impact on the world of the best cooking ideas.

Who is Pasquale Sciarappa?

Pasquale Sciarappa was born in Orsara di Puglia this is a small town in the Southern Italian Region of Puglia. Growing up and he developed that a love for cooking ideas. Watching his Mother with Grandmother in the kitchen and his learning the secrets of Italian cuisine. When his age of 11 years old he moved to the United States with his family and after he settling in New Jersey.

In the United States, Pasquale continued to refine that his culinary skills and his working performance in various restaurants and delis. In 2013, he launched his YouTube channel that “OrsaraRecipes” where he shares that his best delicious Italian recipes with a global audience. The channel has since gained immense popularity with that over 1.2 million subscribers.

The Pasquale Sciarappa Cookbook

In the year 2018, Pasquale Sciarappa published that his first cookbook “Mama’s Kitchen” which is a tribute to his Mother and Grandmother who inspired his love for cooking. The book features that over 100 authentic Italian recipes which ranging from appetizers to desserts and includes personal anecdotes and family stories.

The cookbook has received that critical acclaim for its simplicity and authenticity with many praising Pasquale’s ability to capture the essence of Italian cuisine. It has also been a commercial success that becoming a bestseller in several categories which including Italian cooking.

Pasquale’s Cooking Style

Pasquale Sciarappa’s cooking style that is characterized by his emphasis on simplicity and which also quality ingredients. He believes that Italian cuisine is all about using that fresh, seasonal produce and letting the natural flavors shine through. He also pays great attention to detail which ensuring that each dish is presented beautifully.

One of Pasquale’s signature dishes that is his spaghetti with tomato sauce. And which he prepares in the traditional Italian way using such only tomatoes, garlic, olive oil and add salt. He also makes his own pasta from scratch which using a mixture of semolina flour with water.


Pasquale Sciarappa which is a renowned Italian chef known for his authentic and that various types delicious Italian dishes. His passion for cooking started that in his childhood. So where he learned to cook traditional Italian dishes from his grandmother in his hometown. In this article that we explored some of Pasquale Sciarappa’s famous recipes that you should try at home.


1. What is Pasquale Sciarappa known for?

Ans: Pasquale Sciarappa is known for his authentic Italian dishes that reflect that his heritage and also his passion for cooking.

2. Where is Pasquale Sciarappa from?

Ans: Pasquale Sciarappa is from Orsara, Italy.

3. What are some famous Pasquale Sciarappa recipes?

Ans: Some famous Pasquale Sciarappa recipes include with homemade pasta, pizza Margherita, eggplant Parmigiana and tiramisu.

4. Can I make Pasquale Sciarappa’s recipes at home?

Ans: Yes, you can make that Pasquale Sciarappa’s recipes at home. They are simple and easy to follow and also the ingredients these are readily available in most grocery stores.

5. Where can I find more Pasquale Sciarappa recipes?

Ans: You can find that more Pasquale Sciarappa recipes on his YouTube channel where he shares his cooking tutorials and best recipes ideas. You can also find that his recipes on his website and also on social media pages.

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