Orunodoi Apply Online 2021? Financial Assistance Rs. 830/- Per Month

Orunodoi Apply Online 2021? The Assam government launched the Orunodoi Scheme for women. The Orunodoi Scheme is very helpful for the women who work hard in their daily lives. The Government of Assam has taken steps to implement this project targeting all women. The main purpose of this project is to provide financial security to women.

Orunodoi Apply Online 2021

How many women have received financial support for the Orunodoi Scheme?

Women have been struggling for a long time to get their fair share. For this the Government of Assam is determined to give due dignity to women. The Government of Assam has provided assistance to about 17 lakh women under Orunodoi Scheme. Thus every district of Assam is benefiting from this project.

How much financial assistance is provided monthly for Orunodoi Scheme?

The Scheme was launched on 2nd October, 2020. The Orunodoi Scheme provides financial assistance of Rs. 830/- per month to women. This money will deposit directly in the bank account of the beneficiary. The Government of Assam further stated that this financial assistance would benefit women in Assam’s households and that the Government of Assam would further increase this financial assistance to Rs. 3,000/- in the future.

Orunodoi Apply Online 2021?

Many people think that the application of Assam Orunodoi Scheme is online or offline.
When the Assam government started the project, the project was applied offline in every district of Assam. The Orunodoi Scheme form was downloaded online. This form is available on the Assam Orunodoi web site. Orunodoi Apply Online 2021 has not been taken so far or this facility is not provided online. However, the applications of this Scheme will further improved later.

Will the new application of Orunodoi Scheme be take?

Yes, women who are depriving of the Orunodoi Scheme will give a chance to re-apply. The names of real and suitable women who have not been included can also apply.

And all the applicants whose names have mentioned in the official list but for some reason the financial deposits of those applicants have not yet reached the account, they will have to complete the process through re-verification.

Who can apply for Orunodoi Scheme?

1 / Applicant must be a permanent resident of Assam.
2 / Applicant must currently live in Assam.
3 / Applicant’s annual income must be less than 2 lakh.
4 / Applicant must have a bank account in his own name.
5 / No member of the applicant’s family is eligible to apply if there is any government working member, panchayat representative and Member of parliament (MP).

6 / Applicant’s family does not have four wheeler / vehicle, fridge, washing machine and air condition.
7 / All the women who will get priority in that project- Divorce / Widow, Separated from Husband and Unmarried.
8 / Those who do not have the identity card of the state food security law.

How to apply for Orunodoi Scheme?

Moreover, Those who are willing to apply can collect the application form of Orunodoi Scheme and submit it to the Gram Panchayat or certain office by fulfilling the above qualifications properly.

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