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An Important Information of Mpass Mizoram

Mizoram government has launched mCovid19 mPass road Mizoram, Mizoram app to make Mizoram mPass. This created a mpass road mizoram for drivers and handymen to carry passengers to Mizoram.

The Information and Communication Technology Department of the Mizoram Government took an important step to ensure easy and safe transportation of people during the lockdown of the Covid19 epidemic. Launched a mobile app for truckers and Handyman carrying essential goods from outside the state. That
The name of the mobile application is mCovid19 mPass App.

Which serves as an online pass for drivers and Handyman to commute. State Chief Secretary of Mizoram Pu Lalnunmawia Chuaungo conveyed messages to representatives of various associations about the new mobile application.

He said truck drivers and handymen needed to be thoroughly screened for the epidemic to spread from anyone outside Mizoram. For this, Mizoram government has launched mCovid19 mPass road Mizoram process through mCovid-19 app.

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Officials then said Inter-state drivers and Handyman would have to register for the mCovid19 mpass road Mizoram. mCovid19 mPass ID for registration will be sent to their mobile via SMS. Monitoring where drivers are coming from and where they are going and what products they are carrying.

An official statement from the Mizoram government said that mPass needs to be created in the mobile app. Which is mandatory for all truck and car drivers entering Mizoram from other states. Also mPass ID must be shown after checking mpass road mizoram of driver and Handyman at Mizoram government entry points.

The various features available in the mCovid 19 app are registration, permission, declaration and completion of entry point scan process.

The Mizoram government has lifted the ban on vehicles carrying non-essential goods after the prevalence of covid19 dropped sharply. The Mizoram government made the announcement after meeting various representatives in the state. So that this information reaches the public quickly. And to inform every public relations department. When the outbreak of the covid19 epidemic was somewhat declining.

The Mizoram government took this step to revive the state’s economy. All types of vehicles are now allowe to operate in the state of Mizoram. It is mandatory to submit a self declaration at mPass ID and entry point in covid19 application.

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mCovid19 mPass Road Mizoram

Road mCovid19 mPass Mizoram

Road mpass is a travel permit. The Mizoram government has issued mCovid19 mPass road Mizoram for inbound passengers to enter the state. This means easily identifying people from abroad. To take this measure to keep track of how many people have entered from the neighboring state. So that untested passengers cannot enter the state.

If a person is caught with Covid19 infection than he or she can be identified and sent to a quarantine center immediately. Similarly, Flight mCovid 19 mPass Mizoram has to be created to identify passengers in the same way as Road mpass. The government is working in a very conscious way to ensure that air passengers come from far and wide.

Covid-19 Inter-District mPass

The Mizoram government launched Inter-District mPass during the Covid-19 lockdown across India. During that lockdown, Inter-District mPass was required if the any passenger wanted to travel from one district to another district for a special purpose. To create when an inter-district mPass, passengers need to create a full address with the name of the district mPass, including where to go and where to end the journey.

But now with the change of time, the condition of Covid-19 came under control and later its use decreased a lot. If the situation worsens, the government will take up the Inter-District mPass system, it was announced in a meeting with the departmental representatives of the state.

In addition, the government has arranged Traffic mPass Mizoram to avoid crowds in crowded areas. Traffic mPass road Mizoram is created in the same way as the mPass mentioned above.

Another important mPass of Mizoram government is Goods mPass. That Goods mPass needs to be made to detect goods vehicles coming from outside the state. Following the guidelines of the health department, the these vehicles are sanitized and arrangements are made to reach the destination.

mCovid Quarantine Facility

According to the above information, if any person is caught with Covid-19, the government has also arranged quarantine accommodation for those passengers. A person with Covid-19 symptoms is isolated and re-examined after recovery and released. For this, passengers and staff can apply for quarantine in the online mCovid-19 app.

For passengers who have already tested the Covid-19 for travel than they can apply for the mPass Mizoram Exemption mPass. To create all these mPasses, the applicants can read the above points and click on the icon above to register and download the mPass.

For any query- Contact State Control Room Office

0389-2342520 / 1070 (Toll Free Number)

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