Insta Millionaire full Story Pdf in Hindi Download

The game of luck can make a person both poor and rich in one night, this is exactly what happened with Laxman Lal Aggarwal alias Lucky. One night created a lot of turmoil in his life when his heart became empty after being cheated in love.

This is the story of an unlucky lucky person becoming a millionaire. How did an unlucky lucky person become a millionaire? So how did his luck change overnight? Keep reading “Insta Millionaire” to know Insta Millionaire full Story Pdf in Hindi Download.

Insta Millionaire – Author- Swapnil Jain

What is the story of Insta Millionaire?

A meek and sweet boy, Laxman Aka Lucky, becomes a billionaire the same night his girlfriend is heartbroken to be poor. All the family wealth is deposited in his bank account and it is now up to him how to use it.

“Insta Millionaire: Laxman Aggarwal’s Journey” is a impressive story of an temporary college student his named Laxman Aggarwal, whose life takes a casual turn when his real identity is published.

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Here we provide the Insta Millionaire full Story Pdf in Hindi Download

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