Ball Strawberry Jam Recipe – Make Delicious Homemade Jam

Are you looking for a delicious and that easy to make strawberry jam recipe? Look no further than this Ball Strawberry Jam recipe! With just a few which simple ingredients and that a little bit of time which you can make your own homemade strawberry jam that is perfect for spreading on toast, biscuits or even as a topping for ice cream.

Ball Strawberry Jam Recipe

In this article we’ll walk that you through the steps of making this delicious strawberry jam which from selecting the right strawberries which to canning the jam for long term storage. So grab that your apron and let’s get started it!


To make this strawberry jam recipe that you’ll need the following ingredients below:

  • 5 cups of crushed strawberries (about 2 quarts of fresh strawberries)
  • 7 cups of granulated sugar
  • 1 package of Ball® RealFruit® Classic Pectin
  • 1/2 tsp. butter (optional to reduce foaming)

Equipment of Ball Strawberry Jam Recipe

You’ll also need the following equipment:

  • Large stockpot
  • Canning jars, lids, and bands
  • Jar lifter
  • Canning funnel
  • Ladle
  • Bubble remover/headspace tool
  • Magnetic lid lifter
  • Kitchen timer

Follow the Steps

Step 1: Prepare the Strawberries

Before you can make your strawberry jam that you’ll need to prepare your strawberries. Start by washing your strawberries in cold water and removing the stems and which any bruised or damaged areas. Then, crush your strawberries using it a potato masher or food processor. You should end up with about 5 cups of crushed strawberries.

Step 2: Prepare Your Canning Equipment

While you’re preparing your jam that you’ll also need to which prepare your canning equipment. To start by washing your canning jars, lids and bands in hot, soapy water. Then you sterilize your jars and keep them hot until which you’re ready to fill them it.

Step 3: Combine the Ingredients

Once your strawberries are ready and which your canning equipment is prepared, it’s time to make your jam. In a large stockpot, combine your crushed strawberries, sugar and pectin. If desired that you can add a 1/2 tsp. of butter to reduce foaming it.

Step 4: Bring to a Boil

Now place your stockpot on the stove over high heat and which stir your ingredients that until they come to a full rolling boil. Once the mixture has reached that a full boil which continue to stir for 1 minute.

Step 5: Skim off Foam

While your mixture is boiling that you’ll notice some foam starting to form on the top. Use a spoon to skim off the foam and which discard it.

Step 6: Fill Your Jars

Using a canning funnel and ladle that fill your hot, sterilized jars with your strawberry jam mixture which leaving 1/4 inch of headspace at the top. Use a bubble remover/headspace tool which to remove any air bubbles.

Step 7: Seal Your Jars

Once your jars are filled that wipe the rims clean with a damp cloth and place your lids and bands on top. Tighten your bands which until they’re snug so but not too tight it.

Step 8: Process Your Jars

Place your jars in a canner that large stockpot filled with boiling water which making sure the water covers the jars by at least 1 inch. Process your jars for 10 minutes (adjusting for altitude if necessary).

Step 9: Remove and Cool Your Jars

Using a jar lifter that carefully remove your jars from the canner and which place them on a towel to cool. You’ll hear a “ping” sound as your jars seal. Let your jars cool it

Why Choose Our Ball Strawberry Jam Recipe?

Our ball strawberry jam recipe is a cut above the rest that thanks to its simple yet delicious ingredients and which easy to follow instructions. So here are a few reasons why you should choose that our recipe it over the competition:

  • Quality Ingredients: Our recipe uses only the freshest high quality strawberries and other ingredients that ensuring that your jam will taste great which every time.
  • Proven Results: We’ve tested our recipe time and time again so you can be confident that it will turn out perfectly every time you make it.
  • Easy to Follow: Our step by step instructions which make it easy for even novice cooks to whip up which a batch of delicious ball strawberry jam in no time.
  • Versatile: Our jam that can be used in a variety of ways that from spreading it on toast to using it as a glaze for meats and vegetables.

So why settle for a subpar strawberry jam recipe when you can make one that will truly impress it? Try our ball strawberry jam recipe today and taste the difference for yourself!

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